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Client Review Questionnaire

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Process & Execution

You never feel “out in the cold” with Useful Group as they keep you informed in a timely manner and allow you to give feedback regularly.
Communication on timelines and goals is clear, and all meetings have clear objectives and outcomes with a focused approach.


Suggestions and ideas from Useful Group aligned to your specific brand identity and strategy.
Useful Group suggested new ideas and ways of working that you wouldn’t otherwise have considered.
Useful Group monitored trends and technologies and suggested innovative ideas to keep deliverables fresh and best-in-class.

Return on Investment

Useful Group regularly provides updates on campaign/project performance to demonstrate return on investment.
Price of work (hourly or project rate) is accurately reflected by the value of the work.

Client Experience

If you enjoyed working with us, would you be open to sharing a written endorsement with us? If so, we may reach out to you by email.
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