B&H Publishing


B&H Publishing sells over six thousand titles, combining a significant backlist with the continual release of new titles and updates. So their site needed a premium browsing experience to help readers find the exact book they were looking for—or the book they didn’t know they wanted. And it needed an easily manageable and automated workflow to manage thousands of titles and hundreds of thousands of ongoing updates.


  • Project Leadership
  • Technology Consulting & Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Integration Development

Project Summary

  1. Analyzing Their Systems

    We dug into their previous site through testing, research, and conversations to understand what was possible in the current systems and how the technology could translate into truly solving the challenges they were facing.

  2. Designing The Site

    We updated their site to make it a more immersive buying experience with high-resolution images and new sections to give buyers more relevant and exclusive details on the products.

  3. Building Functions and Integrations

    Since B&H Publishing has proprietary data flow and internal process for all their products, we built a customized, scalable data structure and automated the data flow into that structure.

  4. Making It Easy To Use

    We customized the admin interface to easily manage and override data changes for a simple approval process and data flow. That meant the site could process thousands of daily updates, while being managed by one or two people.

  5. Collaborating On Customizations

    Working closely with the client, we customized the data management, architecture, interface, and other aspects to their needs.