Living & Effective


Our client, the Christian Standard Bible, has had a strong presence in many traditional media outlets (digital, print, conferences), but we wanted to help them go farther. We pioneered Living and Effective, a custom-branded podcast with Christianity Today, a major Christian media outlet, which had never built anything specifically for a partner. After the success of the first season, Christianity Today built a creative studio branch of their company to produce content in this way for other organizations.


  • Creative Direction & Input
  • Production Oversight
  • Logo
  • Design Assets
  • Digital Ads
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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Project Summary

  1. Planning Season 1

    Our vision was thoughtful content that intersected with Christianity Today’s audience and underscored the timeliness and importance of the Bible (hence “Living and Effective”).

  2. Creating a Brand

    The first season focused on the impact of the church throughout history. To show something alive yet rich with history, we incorporated tree rings into the logo, encircling a simple icon of an open Bible.

  3. Reviewing the Content

    As we stepped into sensitive conversations around race issues, pacifism, drug use, and other complex issues, we worked to maintain a balanced and helpful perspective.

  4. Building a Website

    We built a custom site for the series, featuring each episode, sharing show notes, and linking out to related articles and content.

  5. Sharing the Podcast

    We produced teaser videos that were distributed on social media to build excitement and awareness about the podcast and preview some of the issues discussed.

  6. On to Season 2

    In season 2, we wanted to continue the relationship between CT and the CSB, continuing to start meaningful conversations about complicated issues of grief and mental health.