SpreadTruth is a global ministry with a presence in New York, Illinois, South Carolina, Berlin (Germany), Nairobi (Kenya). Since 2017, we have been working with SpreadTruth on digital marketing, advertising, strategy, and promotion. In 2018, we built a fully custom website for the ministry, and we continue to partner with them on marketing, digital advertising, and strategy.


Working with their content and brand, we organized the design to pull readers’ attention through the page. We also expanded their color palette and created custom icons and textures, which we used throughout their site. Our developers then transformed those designs into a fully custom-built site optimized for mobile.


  • Brand Strategy and Elements
  • Expanded Color Palette
  • Digital Ads
  • Organic Social Management
  • Printed Brand Collateral
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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Project Summary

  1. Rebuilder Their Digital Brand

    We reimagined their website and digital marketing presence with new, punchier colors, custom iconography, notable type styling and imagery that matches the impact of their outreach.

  2. Directing User Engagement

    While the previous website relied heavily on copy, our approach was to break up the copy and fill in the gaps with purposeful imagery and design, mapping a narrative with clearer direction.

  3. Improving The Site Navigation

    With so many points of interest, we helped structure the sitemap in a way that is incredibly simple to navigate, all while still uniquely calling action to the essentials.

  4. Building For A Lifetime

    Anyone can spin up a website in their garage these days, but that doesn't mean its code will last the test of time. We created a a codebase for SpreadTruth that would grow with them.

  5. Making Management Easy

    Too often it feels like a website has a UI for content management, but then still requires a developer to make changes. We built the site to be intuitive and manageable.