Clockwork is a tool to help small-business owners save time on keeping their books. But when we began working with Clockwork, it was just an idea and a name—no brand, no website, no messaging, no customers. It was our job to help them realize their brand voice and build a brand strategy to keep that voice consistent as they launched their company. We created the face of Clockwork through a logo and brand style and implemented that through stationery design, brand guide, a website, and a pitch deck. The result was a consistent set of brand collateral that they use to launch their business with and start earning their audience’s trust.


  • Strategy
  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branded Pitch Deck
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Content
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Project Summary

  1. Defining The Brand

    We helped Clockwork discover and define its vision, mission, and audience.

  2. Crafting a Message

    Building from the theme of “time is money,” we celebrated the value of small-business owners' time and provided a solution for understanding their finances.

  3. Building the Brand

    Based on that core identity, we built out several concepts for logos and color schemes, along with brand guidelines, messaging, and taglines.

  4. Getting the Details Right

    We worked back and forth with the client to make the logo and messaging align seamlessly.

  5. Creating the Platform

    We then created a custom website for the client that was mobile optimized, branded, and informative.